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From the beginning, I had a fascination with photography as a window on the world. Growing up in Tennessee, my family had a library of great books including; encyclopedias, history books, the Time Life Photography series, National Geographic and other books. My father made a living in the early days of television shooting his own sports footage on 16mm. I was aware of imaging early, and I still have my dad’s Rollei twin lens camera.

Flash forward to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I’m not focused on why I’m there other than I had the opportunity to attend college. Leaving UT after 1 year, my dad recommended me to an ad agency he worked with. There I got a job as darkroom tech and photo assistant earning enough money to buy my dream motorbike - a Norton Commando - and some camera gear. When I returned to UT, I got a job at the daily student newspaper and it changed my life.

I learned to walk into any situation, size it up and make a photograph to tell a story. I got to meet visiting performers and politicians, shoot sports and earn a few bucks. After college I got a job at the morning newspaper as staff photographer where I worked for 2 years. Realizing I wanted to see more of the world, I enrolled at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena to get formal training in photography. In Los Angeles after school, I sought jobs with working photographers who specialized in location work - like Sports Illustrated pioneer John Zimmerman. I landed a job as Helmut Newton’s assistant in the mid 80’s, which lead to recommendations to magazines for portrait sessions.

I then joined Paris - based Sygma Photo Agency, by whom I’m still represented for photojournalism, entertainment and editorial work. Highlights of work with Sygma include the John Delorean trial, the Alaska Oil Spill, Mexico City Earthquake, 3 presidential campaigns, and work on over 55 movie and television shows.

In 1996-97 I was contract photographer for Michael Jackson doing his album covers, publicity and documentary photography. This was a choice job - we traveled the world by private jet, met world leaders and were treated as royalty. I did get used to it.

Since 1997 I have specialized in producing photo stories with journalists for world syndication. I’m a travel junkie, a student of the world, and I feel it’s changing so fast that I want to document it now before it becomes one homogeneous place.

When I stop being amazed at what I see, then I’ll pursue another line of work.
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